Bringing Power to the People

Mellow Finance, Powered through our native token LAB, is a community driven, DAO governed, fully decentralized peer to peer lending protocol.


What is Mellow Finance?

LAB, driven and governed by community consensus, is a decentralized peer to peer DeFi lending ecosystem. The purpose of Mellow Finance is to remove centralized oversight and control and provide the growing Web3 community with an ecosystem that maintains decentralization and community power. Mellow Finance is backed by our treasury of growing assets.


How does it Work?

Lab Token's initial supply will be 20% of the max supply. The remaining supply will be protocol governed and used to grow our decentralized ecosystem. Users will be able to borrow, lend, and trade their assets within the Mellow Finance platform without worry of centralized oversight. Investors of Lab token will be able to wrap their LAB into gLAB to vote on and propose changes to the protocol.



Lend, Borrow, Earn and Trade in a decentralized and immutable AMM directly on-chain



Built on Binance Smart Chain for fast, secure, low cost transactions



Governed and decided on by the voting power of the community



Q4 2022

  • Initial conception of Mellow Finance
  • Whitepaper created
  • Investor pooling for Private Sales
  • Partnership Outreach begins


Q1 2023

  • Launch of LAB token on BSC
  • Launch of Mellow Finance BETA platform
  • User Optimization and Presence
  • Partnership Adoption
  • DAO Governance introduction
  • Introduction and Implementation of LUSD


Q2 2023

  • Refinement of Mellow Finance Lending protocol with Full Release
  • Mellow Finance Swap
  • Multi-chain integration
  • Ecosystem expansion


Q3 2023

  • Coming Soon






Have any Questions?

Lab Token will have a maximum supply of 200m.

Users will be able to borrow, lend, and earn without the worry of having a centralized entity controlling their funds.

Mellow Finance is built on the Binance Smart Chain but has plans of expanding to different blockchains, ultimately creating a cross chain ecosystem.

After numerous CeFi entities have exploited and mishandled investor funds, the Team behind Mellow Finance realized the need for an easy and safe decentralized platform for investors to utilize without worry their funds would be handled inappropriately.

Mellow Finance utilizes a series of smart contracts which governs and controls the events on site. The Mellow Finance team does not, and will not be able to access your funds.